Why do we do what we do?

We believe that there are industry shifts, innovations and change makers in influential sectors such as the technological, social and creative sector in Africa that have not yet explored and shown. Such content will depict how various African markets can be and are influential in the business sector and are influencing customer behaviour, business functions and creating potential growth in numerous sectors

what is it that we do?

The I SEE AFRICA team joins the dots, highlights the patterns and points out the threads that are shifting and disrupting various aspects of the knowledge and creative economy. We capture information from different regions, countries and communities in Africa.

how do we do what we do?

I SEE AFRICA is a content hub of curated, informative, relevant information that captures trends in the African. This is achieved through our macro and micro trend reports that dissect the influencers, change makers and emerging opportunities in various sectors in the continent. ISA provides insight that will assist businesses in understanding the influential changes in their sector thus helping them respond to the industrial shifts.