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E-hailing expansion

The impact of e-hailing services across the world has made access to commuting simpler and easier. E-hailing services in Africa and the Middle East are expected to be worth 7.3 billion dollars by 2023. Factors such as urbanisation, growing youth population, increase in funding, and the growth of the mobile economy along with the infrastructure.

A response to the emanated growth in the market, e-hailing service providers are elevating their platforms to Super Apps and expanding their service offerings.


Francophone West and Central Africa focused e-hailing service Gozem is one of the leading companies expanding their services. The addition to services came from Gozem noticing that their consumers were using their services beyond the intended purpose, but rather consumers were using the e-hailing service for different types of personal deliveries.

Gozem has since built on the transportation of people and now allows for consumers to arrange for delivery of merchandise via Gozem cargo, order groceries, electronics, and e-commerce items via the company’s supermarkets partners and vendors through the platform.

Image Credit: Techcabal


Popularly referred to as the ‘Uber for motorcycles’, Safeboda has managed to alter the perception infamous perception of motorcycling services in Nigeria. Aside from transporting people from their commutes, the company has not included food delivery via its platform.

Image Credit: Ventureburn


Nigerian company Gokada provides convenient food and e-commerce product delivery through its platform. The company has completed over a million deliveries to a growing consumer base of over 30 000 platform users. Due to its success, the company plans to expand its services to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadon, and Ogun.

The expansion in service delivery offerings by e-hailing companies is a good opportunity as the companies build on existing infrastructure and consumer base with the potential of drawing in new consumers. E-hailing companies taking on the super app model is an indication of the various approaches available for e-commerce systems in Africa.

Image Credit: Gokada 

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