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Streaming in Africa

VOD landscape

Streaming has shifted the way we consider and engage with content. Over the years the increase in internet reliability, and affordability of data in Africa has largely contributed to bringing consumers closure to the behavior of streaming content through mobile phones. These advances have sparked interest by international and local streaming platforms to intentionally contribute to the growth of the digital market. By providing and creating local content and streaming services.

Growth of VOD

Digital TV Research report predicts that video on-demand subscriptions will snowball to 15 million users in Africa by 2026. South Africa and Nigeria have been noted as the markets that will influence this growth. In response to the growing market, popular streaming platforms are investing in the creation of local content in a bid to attract African audiences to streaming platforms.

Netflix has previously committed to the production of three South African produced productions over 2022 – 2023 with a financial investment of 54 million dollars. The company has made further investments in other regions with companies such as Nigerian media company Ebonylife Media which will result in the creation and distribution of local productions Blood Sister, drama Olotune, and Death and the King’s Horseman.The streaming platform has also focused on non-English content with companies such as John Boyega’s Upper Room production to develop films for the West and East Africa markets.

Image Credit: iWeb

Local VOD Platforms and opportunity

Streaming is becoming great for the creation and distribution of African stories. Aside from popular platforms catering to an intrigued African audience. Local platforms are also making their mark and gaining audience attention. Afroland curates Pan-African film and tv content for its audience. The creation of such platforms provides additional marketing avenues for local brands. The growing VOD investment in local products that directly impact local audiences provides a sweet spot for brands to authentically interact and reach locals through digital marketing.

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