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Financial Super App

Fintech App Economy

Financial institutions are building better connections with consumers by tackling barriers to financial inclusivity in the continent. Across Africa, fintech companies and banks are developing super apps to meet their consumer’s needs.

The super app Sasai was created by Econet Cassara fintech International. The platform has features such as instant messaging, payments, social media, and its usual service of international remittance.

South African bank Nedbank launched its super app Avo. Consumers can purchase their groceries, household services, and delivery of goods all through the app.

Image: Dashlane

Nigerian company Palmpay’s current platform allows consumers to send, request money, buy airtime, and place bets. Users can also make payments to merchants using the app with ease. The organization has bigger plans with the aim of developing a pre-installed super app on cellphones such as Techno, Infinx, and iTel.

The use of super apps by financial intuitions provides greater opportunities for borderless and remote finance in the continent, enabling all mobile users to access financial services.

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