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Mobile network providers are strengthening their ability to connect people to what they need by capitalising on the growth of the mobile economy. The expansion of services through branded digital platforms is a strong marketing tool for the brands to remain. Top of mind while being the ‘one-stop-shop for consumers’ digital service needs.

Mobile giant Vodacom has led the way in Africa, with assistance from Alibaba Group Holding the company launched its super app VodaPay in South Africa. Subscribers to the platform can access services such as mobile shopping, financial loans, and standard mobile payment. The company aims to further expand in providing financial and e-commerce services.

Image Credit: Afridigest

Network provider Safaricom has expanded its services from USSD only to including smartphone services through its super app. The company has broken the data expense barrier by developing a zero-rated app that provides consumers with access to e-government services, business needs such as insurance, and personal services like ticket bookings and license applications.

The app provides convenient access with biometric features such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

Telecommunications expansion in super apps can break countless digital service barriers for people in areas that do not have the infrastructure to provide a variety of digital services at their fingertips.

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